I can help you.

Voice over work and web site building services available.

Be advised I will only be taking on a LIMITED AMOUNT OF CLIENTS. 

Here is what I can do for you.

- Script Feeding to AI Generated Voices - This would be AI created voices to read your scripts for your videos if you do not want to record your own dialog. You would have to provide a typed script for me to feed to my AI program. It's not perfect but no AI read script reading is. At least not at this time although it's not terrible either. Samples are in the videos below along with the pricing. 

 - Basic website building (on a very limited basis) - cost based on size and scope of project

Things I can't or won't do.

- I can't write your scripts/shows/dialogs for you.

-  I will not make or particiapte in any production or blatantly racists material, nor will I help make vids promoting violence (rape, torture, etc).

- Absolutely no voice overs centered around abuse of children. Don't even think to ask me. 

To hire me, write to service@billyvonbomb.com

AI Generated Voices For Script Reading Examples

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